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Books from Marilynn Hughes: Michael Jackson´s Afte

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21 posts
Jul 05, 2010
11:06 AM
Hi everyone,

today amazon emailed us advertising the books from Marilyn Hughes.

Has somebody of you already read these books and can they be recommended?
At the moment I cannot get a clear feeling about it.

22 posts
Jul 05, 2010
11:10 AM
Hi again,

I see the topic is not completely written on the post.

The books are: Marilynn Hughes: "Michael Jackson´s Afterlife Experiences" (there must be three of them ??).
587 posts
Nov 30, 2010
10:10 AM
hi Ute

I was looking for another post and happened to stumble onto this one.

Did you find your answers concerning this question?

158 posts
Nov 30, 2010
1:46 PM
Thx for the heads up about this Ute.

Also, please check your email when you have a chance.

10 posts
Nov 30, 2010
5:36 PM
Hi Ute,

you can actually download the books for free from Marilyn Hughes's site. I did download the first one and read it. I got a very uncomfortable feeling from the book. Actually it scared me for a number of reasons. I wont read the other books. Basically, the book was about how the author walked Michael through several purgatory experiences which were described in detail, (at one point in Michael's experience he was in calipers for his legs, at another point in his purgatory experience he was at his mountain home and smashing his mobile phone) and then the author said that she walked with Michael into Heaven. The author said that Michael requested her to write the three books. The feeling was such that I was crying quite a bit and then a very strong thought entered my mind which instantly stopped me crying and was my interior direction not to pursue reading the other books. Please don't get me wrong, this may be true and I'm not the one to judge that. I'm sorry if I have upset anyone but I can only give you what my experience has been.
11 posts
Nov 30, 2010
5:44 PM
Also Ute, there are some reviews on Amazon for these books which may give you other interpretations.
83 posts
Nov 30, 2010
9:06 PM
Hello all,

I have read the books, and she does tell a very different story. I have communicated with her on a couple occasions and have been on her forum. I have had mixed feeling about her.

She is a devout Catholic and considers herself to be a mystic. She has had OBE experiences since the age of 9. She claims to travel Out of body nightly and is sometimes out of it for days. All of her experiences that she writes about are reminicsent to the the catholic doctrine. She has said she has actually wrestled with saten in some of her experiences.

I read book 1 and 3. I couldn't seem to get through book 2. It is about his vision to save the world (continuing after death). In the end of book 1 she talks about how he worked his way through the purgatory experiences and made to the 23rd realm, where Jesus resides.

I get mixed feelings from her. I believe she means well and I don't like to judge her (or anyones) experiences, but it's the religious dogma that concerns me. Even though she is a Catholic, she does not teach that it is the only way. She does believe in reincarnation and that spirituality and other religions are all paths to God, but still believes that Jesus is the ulitmate truth.

I have read a little about OBEs and some people describe it as a dream state or lucid dreaming and how a persons belief system or pre-conditiong, if you will, can play a part in a persons OBE. They are not dead, so it is different that an NDE, therefore, their belief system could be playing a part in the OBE.

I think you just have to go with your gut on this one.

It's all for love...L.O.V.E.

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602 posts
Dec 01, 2010
8:01 AM
hi Everyone,

You may want to refresh your memory by going to Michael's early trance-channellings with Bonnie where he answers Bonnie's question with regard to contacting other mediums. He answers that he did but that they all add their own spin to what he says. He likes the opportunity to have his words written down precisely.

Also good to brush up on "Conversations with the Dead". There is no mention of purgatories there but rather a life review for those who do not hang back as was/ is the case with Michael.

Much Love,

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Dec 04, 2010
4:41 PM
I came across these a while back and I bought all of them I began to read them because I was curious so any way as I began to read them I was overcome with a real bad feeling and got sick to my stomache.I really don't believe these books this is my opinion. since Michaels death I have felt so connected to him and have even had my own experiances with him. But I really feel like those books are not right and I believe that Michael guides me and I feel like he let me know that those books were not what happened at all and again this is my opinion.

84 posts
Dec 04, 2010
9:56 PM
Thank you Irina & Kristi for your thoughts on this. Ute, I had doubts about this too, did not feel right in my gut, and now that I see other people feel the same, and it's not just me, well, that says something...
It's all for love...L.O.V.E.
242 posts
Dec 04, 2010
10:46 PM
Hi to all,

thank you very much for your posts.
And thank you very much for bringing it to our attention again, Irina.

I agree with all of you!

I came across this material quite a while ago.
I saw the books on amazon just reading the titles but not about the contents.
Therefore I posted this question. With one exception I had totally forgotten about these books what also says something.
After Irina had brought it back to our attention I went to this woman´s site again.
I had done this before but had been not sure about her being genuine in that case and left the site, then forgot about it.
So I went to her site again now starting to read the comments.
I stopped with one comment someone thanking her for the news that Michael was totally at peace and that it was okay for him now because all is right done with his legacy, music etc., so all is done now as he had wanted it.
And it was not only this comment.
I wondered because I have felt Michael totally different.

I listened to a radio interview with her for quite a while and sometimes I felt really weird about some statements.
As I did not look up the word ´purgatory´immediately I first thought it was the life review though feeling something weird about it. Then I decided to ask my dictionary. NO!! NEVER EVER!!

There is still justice to be done and we should focus on this with all our Love and Energy before and during the upcoming preliminary hearing of C. Murray on 1/4/2011 . We can start even now to support this process on a long term.

But I had to learn a lesson here. I would like to share it because it might help someone ??
Simply speaking my lesson here was - again - to trust my own intuition.
I usually do and I am sure. I have kept my intuition like a jewel once I had it back.
So it was also about to let this old feeling (to loose it again) go because such feelings can block us and they do.
You might probably understand it better when you knew my life as once I had lost myself noticing it too late and I was fighting for all to have it back. So I had lost any intuition and joy of life, none-the-less doing my job, but at the same time feeling myself like a zombie. This state had lasted for about 20 years. It was better in between but from time to time very bad.
When all started to come back I was so happy.
But there are check ups for me from time to time to see whether or how much I really trust myself and more. Basically we should check ourselves none-the-less.
So when Irina brought this topic up again I was just in such a check up which always feels for me like a block but which is important to see where I stand and how to go ahead, where to go on to work on.
First it feels very uncomfortable as I was in that state for a very long time, but the block(s) dissolved very fast.
I overcame this very fast thanks to all of you.
All of this experience was so valuable!.

So thanks to you all, Irina and also Bonnie.


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31 posts
Dec 05, 2010
7:23 AM
Just to add in agreement here, years ago I was in a book store and reached for the book written by R.J Tarbelli, and my hand was stopped, I didn't even touch it. When I had the chance to read the first page of the first book, I got that same reaction. If there is truth in there it is hidden behind so much that the time it would take to find it would be better spent elsewhere.

There are people stuck in their dogma's that may need these books to reinforce their beliefs but if a person is not one of them then the time would be wasted. Rather, read a book with a child.
12 posts
Dec 05, 2010
5:50 PM
Hi kknight,

it's amazing how our bodies let us know when something isnot right. I too felt sick to my stomach and didn't sleep well that night after reading this book. A very strong word popped into my head at this time as well. I know when strong words pop into my head out of no where never to ignore them.
9 posts
Dec 05, 2010
10:42 PM
Like in my first post on this subject I feel that I am connected to Michael I have had experiances with him and it might seem silly to some but I feel like I am truley connected to him I talk to him about every day and I listen to his music all the time and I research all that I can find about Michael and the kind of person he was, Michael has impacted my life so much and he has changed the type of person I am and how I veiw things now, I really felt like Michael was letting me know that those stories were not right. Something else I noticed when I read these books was at the end of the first two books she claims that Michael told her at the end of these books that her and Michaels journey was over and then bam she writes another book and then she writes the second book and she says again that Michael told her that their journy was over again and then bam another book which was book number three I really don't understand that part to me it is a dead give away that she made it up or that these so called experiences were dreams.I am a very sensitive person and I have been since childhood and I have had a gift that I dream things all the time and they come true and then some times I get feelings about things that are going to happen and they do, I don't understand it but I see my self as being blessed

I wanted to say something else I said above that I talk to Michael just about random things but I am not saying that I actually communicate to him or that he talks to me. I have always talked to Michael out loud really I am just talking out loud and I hope that he hears me I love him and respect him so much as a person.I have always asked Michael to give me signs if he is around or if he hears me and 4 times I asked him to do something and he did it and I always asked him to please not scare me cause I scare easily and I asked him if he could do a specific thing and I believe that it is him.And sometimes when I am thinking about him and I will suddenly become overwhelmed by emotions and this is when I begin to talk to him and then I ask him for that specific sign.I really feel close to him, sometimes I ask him about things that I am not sure about regaurding him and I really feel like he puts it in my heart what is right and what is wrong.So when I said that I felt that those books were not correct and that I felt sick when I read them I really felt like Michael was guiding me about those being wrong. I amm not saying that I am a phycic ( sp)cause I am not but I feel like I am a very sensitive person and I listen to what my heart is telling me.But about the books that is just my opinion.

It all for L.O.V.E.

144 posts
Dec 07, 2010
8:07 PM
I read the earlier parts of these books online and felt something was not right. This woman is not the first person with OOB experience. I have not met any author who claimed this type of encounter with souls who have ascended and helping them through. I am not saying it is not possible but my intuition is telling me that this is incorrect information about MJ. We, the fans are grieving and some of us will pay attention to everything Michael. I hope some of us stop throwing money to people who claim this and that about MJ. I came to Bonnie's site because of a psychic who seemed exploitative of MJ's fans. I trully believe JM spirit guided me here. This loving spirit will always let us know if a perticular path is not the right one or if a particular tale about him is incorrect. We should pay attention and listen. I have so far refrain from buying books about him except for his mother's publication. I am still waiting for the book about his trial by Aphrodite to come down in price to purchase it. Otherwise, I will not buy books and enrich any of these authors who really did not know him. There is an author writing a book about his music, analyzing his songs. I think I may get that one.
With L.O.V.E, Anne
57 posts
Dec 07, 2010
11:37 PM
I read these books. The conclusion I came to is that Ms. Hughes has a very creative imagination. Much of what she said sounded plausible, but not everything. I keep the books simply as part of my library. I agree with those who say that something doesn't feel right. I don't discount her ability to do out of body travel. Since she is very religious, I feel this 'played' into her experiences based on her beliefs. Also, it's interesting to note Ms. Hughes offers the reading of this material for free online. Curious. The reading is like nothing I've ever experienced before. I feel it's mostly fictional, but that's only my opinion.

Aphrodite Jones recently had "Michael Jackson CONSPIRACY" available on her website. When I read her Twitter message, I didn't hesitate. Her dated and autographed copies lasted less than 48 hours. I finally got one at a reasonable price for $36.00 or so, including shipping charges. I need to finish reading two other books before putting all of my attention on this prize.

Bookmark her site: http://www.aphroditejones.com - and check often.

It might take a while, but she will release more books when the time is right. Business, I guess.

I might as well take the opportunity to say that I've just finished reading "Conversations with the Dead - The Connection" (Bonnie Vent and John Streiff). I didn't want it to end! When I finished the book, it was like saying goodbye to friends. I'm grateful for the priceless information this book provides. It comforts me.

622 posts
Dec 08, 2010
9:31 AM
hi MMM,

Agreed on Marilyn Hughes. The overview and the reader responses was enough to deter me from investing in these. Imaginative but does not resonate with the truth of the matter. I think if people explore more material on actual research involving the afterlife, Bonnie site being one of them, than they will truly feel that the material in the Hughes books does not resonate with what is actually true. I feel if she were to shed all of the programming she would do great with her abilities.

I read a post here about the new edition release of the Conspiracy book: http://www.mj-777.com/?s=aphrodite+jones. Sounds like Aphrodite Jones did not add any new info to the book but someone has commented that she is planning to write about the upcoming Murray trial. Very interesting. This is where I first saw that great speech I posted from Liz Taylor.

As for "Conversations...", same here. It is absolutely fascinating and yes as you put it "priceless information". I wish they will decide to come back to tell us more. Although if you explore Ra Material you will find the same principles described there. You sound like you may be open to the information. I have posted the links on this site before. You can look up LLResearch.com. Go to the Library link.

239 posts
Dec 08, 2010
11:27 AM
Thanks Irina,
I will explore the Ra Material too. Thanks for the tip. I remember Bonnie told us there was more to come from The Connection. I look forward to hearing more from them.
MMM I am interested in getting a copy of the Michael Jackson Conspiracy. Will check Aphrodite's web site and start to follow her on twitter. Thank you for the tip.

With love, Jane
102 posts
Dec 12, 2010
5:18 PM

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18 posts
Aug 07, 2019
1:41 PM
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