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Passing relatives, animals and friends

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Dec 22, 2003
5:50 PM
I wanted to know... people and animals that has passed...when they come to us in our dreams, are thy communicating with us, and how do we know for sure if they are?
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Feb 14, 2005
11:39 PM
The eventuality of man and beast is the same. Some would have us believe that every entity is of satan (an angel of light). Dreams are very powerful. Those who can interpret dreams correctly are very gifted. When you dream, you drift off to another dimension. You most probably are meeting the souls of your loved ones and departed animals. Do not dismiss it! When a dog comes back to you, he/she signifies a friend. You must interpret what they are saying... were they friendly, aggressive, threatening... this could be them trying to warn you of a friend within your circle who is either going to help or hinder you. If you want to know more.. contact me on lindajah777@clear.net
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Jun 22, 2005
8:28 PM
how do you know when your passed on relatiaves are trying to communicat with you? b/c my brother passed on in april 05' and i always feel like him and all my other relatives are always watching my every move!!!!!Also can your family in heaven or wherever help you to achieve your dreams? I hope so...................
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Jun 23, 2005
8:54 PM
Hi jeremysumptersbabe,

Loved ones who have crossed very often will try to communicate. They just want you to know they are OK. The signs are usually very simple and small. Many people report music boxes playing by themselves.

They can also visit you in your dream state.

Your loved ones can and do watch over you, but only you and your connection to your higher power can make your dreams come true.

Thanks for the post!
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
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Aug 02, 2005
8:35 AM
I have a question my grandfather was an alcholic and when i was 13yrs old which was about 18yrs ago before he died he wanted to see me but i didn't make it before he passed i rember laying in my bed one night asleep i was awakend by the familiar smell of beer and sat up and he was sitting at the edge my bed i wasn't scared i just simply asked what he was doing there he said i came to say good bye he gave me a kiss and a hug and said go back to sleep i'll see you another day all these years i have questioned myself if it was true or was i dreaming?
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Aug 04, 2005
11:57 AM
Hi Temptation,

Since your description is so vivid even after several years it indicates to me that you had a very real experience. You may have been in a dreamstate but any visit that sticks with you over time is most likely the real thing.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project

Last Edited by sdparanormal on Aug 04, 2005 11:57 AM
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Sep 30, 2005
2:11 PM
I was at school in my math class and it was 11:26, I'll never forget because all the sudden I felt extremly weak and upset and i didn't know why. When I got home my had told me that my pappy that i had been so close to died at 11:26 this morning. It didn't occur to me to later that, that had been the same time that the horrible feeling had come over me. Whats this mean?
Ms. 1009
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Oct 21, 2005
6:48 PM
I dreamed I was inside the church. I'm sitting beside the church's gate, too far from the altar. After the priest's sermon, he walked closer to me. I asked favor from the priest to fix my broken pitcher which was made of hard covering. And then he fixed it with his bare hands. he told me that "miracles happen if you will be just neare to God." I was amazed when I saw at the same time my guy on the left side of the long bench with a woman and with a child.
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Jan 24, 2006
12:45 PM
Temptation, "real" and "not real" tend to blur whne confronted with the richness of human experience. What matters is that you had the opportunity to say goodbye and have closure and your grandfather knows that as well.

Squirrel, we are all closely connected to those we love. What you experienced was perfectly normal. The trick is to realise that what you were experiencing was the sensation oh his transition from this world ot the next and not any disconnection from you.

Ms. 1009, you come from a broken family and fear that you will never have the kind of life you believe others to posess. Your dream is calling you to draw on the powers of the Divine to heal yourself and allow love and life in.
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Jan 26, 2006
3:56 PM
having grown up in southern italy, i was exposed to many superstitions, especially what certain dreams meant, and decifering dreams. i must tell you that over a the past years, the majority of them were right on the nail. Here are some examples of the meanings of dreams that i was exposed to:

cat = someone is going to betray you.
dog = there is a friend around.
going UP the stairs = good luck (symbolizes heaven)
going DOWN the stairs = bad luck (symbolizes hell)
tooth hurts = relative about to get sick
tooth bleeds = relative about to die
churches = good luck (protection)
cemetaries = good luck (peace)
white wedding dress (very bad)

garlic = keeps evil spirits away
poor drink w/right hand = friendly gesture
poor drink w/left hand = betrayal
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Feb 28, 2006
9:36 AM
Hi Goldie,

I am so sorry about the tragic passing of your brother. The answer to your question is Yes. If you want a message from him I am sure he will do his best to let you know he is OK. He has gone into another dimension that is right next to ours. It is very common for them to come to you while you are asleep. If you have a vivid dream that you cannot forget, that is a message.

Keep us posted!
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
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Mar 01, 2006
7:03 PM
Hi again SD Paranormal,
That night, after reading your msg., I did have a vivid dream, after some mindful contemplation before sleep. I asked for some guidance about what truth I am supposed seek because of my brother's death. The dream consisted of my talking to my mother who is still with us at a table in a room inside a house, somewhere I got the impression in the Southern US. At once a breeze began to blow. It became gustier and gustier until it was blowing back my hair in a strong wind. At first I was startled in my dream because I didn't understand how a such a strong wind could blow inside a closed room. Then I calmed myself and asked, is it you,Michael? ..and the wind blew stronger. My mom in the dream insisted we leave the house due to this strange occurrence at which point I awakened in silence.
My afterthoughts about this dream were not fearful but calming, almost refreshing like the wind itself was. I actually felt the wind blowing on my face and whipping in my hair. My brother did know I liked fressh air..might this be significant?

Last Edited by goldie on Mar 01, 2006 7:06 PM
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Apr 08, 2006
2:59 PM
Hi Goldie! Yes, that would be very signifigant. Your brother knows that you like fresh air, so that's how he's letting you know that he's with you.
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Aug 19, 2006
8:40 PM
My father recently passed and I expected to 'feel' his presence. I haven't felt him or experienced any kind of 'signs' that I'm aware of, however, I do dream of him, often. There are dreams where he appears to be grieving his death also. There are also dreams of him being alive and well in the present day, at the Hospice where he died.

Are these dreams his way of making contact with me?
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Jul 03, 2007
2:40 PM
I would like to know if anyone out there can give me a message from my son, who passed away 03-19-05. I have been waiting for any sign that he has been near me, but have gotten nothing.

Last Edited by on Jul 03, 2007 2:42 PM
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Aug 13, 2007
11:38 AM
i am 25 years old and when i was eleven, my mother(who was also 8mo. pregnant with my little sister rachel) and my stepfather were killed in a car accident. they all three died. my brother and i survived. i always wanted to dream of her and talk to her in my dreams cuz i miss her so much, but i hardly ever dream of her. if i do it's in spurts, over long periods of time. i am a little resentfull and feel even more abandoned because she hasn't visited me. does she have the choice to visit me? the couple of dreams i've had, she never speaks, never. once she put up her finger as to say wait a minute or something and then walked around a corner. i've dreamed of chasing her through a maze and seeing her from behind turning the corner, i never found her. she never gets very close to me. i just feel like she doesn't want to visit me or something. she does visit my grandma. in fact, recently she came to my grandma when she was half asleep. mamaw said it was just a faceless figure, but she knew it was my mom cuz she heard her voice. mamaw asked her what she was doing here and she said very passively, "i came to get you. you didn't think i was gonna let you go by yourself did you?" mamaw said it wasn't alarming, it just sounded like they were gonna go to the store or something. it worried me cuz my grandma has health problems. she also visited my grandma in the hospital room i was in the night after the wreck. she was smiling holding my step dad's hand. mamaw said she was letting her know she was ok. also i've often dreamt that my brother and i find her living somewhere in another state and that she had faked her death. we get into the house where she's staying, completely unfarmiliar. she isn't home. we look through the fridge to check the date on the food and stuff and explore the house i guess to try to figure out what she's doing now. and i am extrememly angry when i find that she hasn't been dead the whole time. i think it's because i refused to go to the funeral. i was eleven and didn't know how to deal with all the feelings i had. i didn't want all those people telling me they were sorry and knew how i felt, because they didn't. when i was seven, i dreamt that my mother, my grandma, and i were standing at the end of the dead end road that my mom, my brother, and i lived on at the time. my mother disappeared in thin air, just like faded out and it was just me and my grandma standing there. then it flips over to a graveyard and i'm laying down rolling back and forth at my mother's headstone screaming and crying refusing to accept that she had died. i can remember this dream just like i had it yesterday or something. i woke up in sweats crying that night and woke my mom up. i told her in a frantic, paniky voice that i dreamt she died. she told me it was a dream and that she would never leave me. i guess i feel she betrayed me because i never feel her around me and never really have, yet i've felt the presence of other friends and relatives and had dreams of them and we talk just like we hadn't seen each other in a long time. so, what is this all about?
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Aug 13, 2007
11:46 AM
i also wanted to know anything about esp as far as music goes? since i was a baby, i've heard music faintly playing. i can even sing the melodies i hear and sometimes i write down the words. the songs most of the time sound like a never ending one, but they have different changes in rhythm and melody, but there seems to be a pattern to it. every time it's a different genre of music. last night i sat for like an hour and a half hearing country music. i got up to make sure there wasn't music playing, i went outside, this was like 3AM. nothing. which doesn't surprise me cuz for all these years there never has been a source of music or explanation for it. i even put my ear to the vents sometimes and get nothing. also if i walk to one side of the room i can't hear it as clear. i have to position myself to hear it the clearest. almost like an antenna on a radio or something. sometimes i hear conversations too but i can never interpret what they are saying. it used to scare me as a kid and i would either put cotton balls in my ears at night cuz i was terrified or lay on my side and put a pillow over the other ear. also, i can hear when someone walks into the room. it's hard to explain, but i can hear the air displacement. it kind of sounds like electricity or a highpitched sound in my ear. oh! and none of these things are heard in just my mind. i hear them with my ears. i am a singer and have almost perfect pitch so it's interesting to sing the melodies i hear. i just wish i could understand it. so when i hear the sound of someone entering the room, and there's nooone there, i assume it's a spirit or something. i've also seen things but not many. that's another story.
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Aug 13, 2007
11:57 AM
in reference to the dream i had about my mother, my grandma, and i standing at the dead end road and my mom fading out and it's just my grandma and i, i'm looking at the three of us like i was another person looking, ya know? and after the wreck happened my grandmother took legal gaurdianship of my brother and i and raised us. so do i have some sort of special ability?
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Jan 07, 2008
8:52 AM
What does it mean to have a dream of a relative's funeral before they die? When i tried to reach the casket in the dream something wouldn't let me see who it was and i don't know why. And everything was the same when the funeral came around...
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Jan 09, 2008
12:15 AM
i would like to know if anyone could contact my mother for me who died october 29th 1993. i have only dreamt of her a handful of times, and in the dreams she never says anything. i have never felt her prescence and am a little angry that she hasn't come back even to check on me. how can i contact her? i have felt the presence of others who have passed and had wonderful dreams of them communicating with me, but not her. why wouldn't my mom contact me but these people did? i don't understand.
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Mar 18, 2008
12:55 AM
can my loved one's from the other side contact me.because my cousin passed in 2004 and every time i go to his grave sight i hear noises and i get this naught feeling in my gutt that he wants me to know how he died .when he passed i wasnt around and we were very close like brother and sister .i just want to know if he is trying to tell me how or what happend to him.so is it possible for that to happen

please get back to me let me know if this is possible thanks ambies
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Apr 25, 2008
5:06 AM
hi sd paranormal,

Lastnight i dreamt i was at a funeral or wake? not quite sure it was my mothers mother whom i am close to but it was really weird she was in her casket but on a kitchen table in a bar like scene (i do work casual barwork and worked in clubs most of my life), also only me and my brother and one of my sisters were there and my uncle (her biological son which I highly suspect is betrayong her and taking advantage as well) he was laughing in it at the table at how he had used her and boasting and toasting his beer up in delight, also my father was there which my mothers family have never liked. i can not work this out it really confuses me as it seems like my suspicions are coming true in my dreams.

but also i want to add since the passing of my grandad just over 2 years ago there has been alot of fighting over money house and contents, sad i know it is sad but all this has ripped my family apart, me and my siblings only talk to ourselves and no one else other than our mum and nan just to avoid getting drawn in the fighting, also i suspect my uncle of breaking my grandparents up when my grandad fell ill before he passed only months before their 50th anniversary, hard to explain the lot here it just seems i dont have one of those average families,

Are you able to help me interpret this dream i had ?

regards shailee

ps sorry about the extra info didnt know if it would help interpret my dream
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Oct 25, 2008
9:50 PM
Deep in our hearts, we know when spirits communicate with us. We sometimes let our egos to block our hearts, and doubt emerges. We think "how is this possible?"
Love never dies. It is the most infinite energy and light that ever existed; it goes through every dimension, even up to the Higher Power. I know this.
Then it's fair to say animals and people visit us when and after they return to the other side or spirit realm. They will often come visit us as if to tell us that they are doing well.
Animals in dreams can signify that you recognize your Animal Totem or Animal Guide. "What does that animal mean to me?" You can also ask that for the people in your dreams. For instance, a deceased sister or brother could represent a part of you that you are lacking or embracing. Dreams are such valuable symbols!
But who would I be if I didn't tell you that you are human and that you go through a grieving process? We all grieve over the loss of loved ones, and we genuinely miss that person and who they are and were. Conversely, they can and will send us messages from time to time. They are telling us that they love us, are thinking of us, and can sometimes go far enough and say, "Remember that time when....."?
I don't think there's a division between life and death. Instead, I believe we keep continuing to exist forever. Maybe the physical world is only a place where our spirits decide to camp out a little while before we return to the other side.
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Oct 25, 2008
10:10 PM
It always humors me to see the Devil and Good/Evil polarities mentioned so freely in society!
I don't care what anyone says about the Devil, the Devil isn't real. The Devil and Hell have been built by people to incite fear and make people think that there is a force keeping them away from happiness and leading them into temptation. I don't think God would ever give anyone, angel or not, the key to Hell so that His own creations could suffer eternally for not obeying him. Contradiction to the max(and God never contradicts Himself). God is pure love and peace. If he does something, he does it. He won't do it out of anger or resentment. If we run through our lives doing things that keep us away from our goals, my guess is that he'll make us live again, not punish us. This isn't to say he hasn't a reason for the things He does. But I don't decide that, do I? We're 100 percent responsible for our decisions. We're in charge of our lives, not the Devil or Satan.
Heaven forbid my Angel has been feeding me false information. I trust her. She's yet to be wrong about anything that I know of. Or if she finds it necessary, she'll make me think about something I ask about when she knows I know the answer.
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Oct 18, 2009
5:08 PM
I have just stumbled upon your site and this question. There are two dreams that I have had about deceased loved ones that I remember well. The first was back in the mid 1990s, about 6 months after a dear pet, a Persian cat, past over. She came to me in a dream and we were so glad to see one another. Then when she left she jumped into a ball of golden light.
The second dream I remember was a few years ago. My mother had been gone about 5 years or so. She was in a large room that was painted white and she had on a white, short sleeved dress. She didn't say anything, but motioned to show me that she was with an old boyfriend who had now passed over (which I didn't know at the time) and I could tell that they were both very happy to be together finally. I did some searching on the internet and found that her old lover Bill *had* passed on within the year.
I think both Mom and Tisha (the cat) chose to come to me in the dream state because they thought any other type of communication might be too much for me to take.
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Feb 21, 2010
3:07 PM
I have a few questions. First, many years ago, my lifelong cat died, he had to euthasinized from Luekemia. My pet passed away at about 4:30 that day of his death, that same night, I woke-up abruptly feeling a PAW clenching on to me for dear life, I flew out of bed cause it felt like animal with claws was scratching to hang on to me. Was it my cat? I have always believed it was, he seemed like he didn't want to go. It haunted me for years. Also, 4 years after my mother's death, I had a dream i can still remember 16 years later, I heard my mother's voice so clear, she was talking me so nice guiding me down a beautiful street with luscious trees talking to me, what struck me, WAS HER VOICE WAS PRECISE AND CLEAR IN MY DREAM TO THIS DAY. Then last month, I had an aunt that passed away, we hadn't spoken in 21 years due to a family dispute regarding me, a week after hear death, she came to me a in a dream and I NEVER dream that much, I felt overwhelmed in my dream with Aunt's with love in my dream, it actually woke me up crying with joy. I believe she came to me in me dream to make peace after not speaking for so many years. Can anybody comment on these types of dreams. I am not a dreamer or usually don't remember dreams AT ALL.
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Feb 23, 2010
10:22 AM
I had a dream of my grandfather who passed away fathers day 2005. He looked just like he did before he had the altimerz and he was holding the number two up with his fingers. The last time i had a dream of my grandmother in 2006 she was telling me i wa pregnante and this time I would not miscarry but my grandfathers has me a little confuessed. I havent dream in a couple of weeks so can you help me to undrstand what my grandfather is trying to tell me?
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Nov 27, 2018
5:17 AM
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