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24 Apr 2003

Jesse Shepard Channeling

April 24, 2003


Start Time 10:54am



Question:  Did you ever meet Thomas Alva Edison during your lifetime here?


Answer: I know you were hoping I would say that I met him in San Diego but the fact of the matter is I met him in London.  So you are correct that our paths did cross. 


Question:  Did you have an influence on the device known as the Psycho Phone?


Answer:  Yes I did.  This project was kept very quiet.  We did have some conversations about the spirit world.  Thomas asked me what I thought it was that allowed me to contact spirits.  I told him energy and frequency is the key.  Being a musician helped me to understand the vibrations that came from pressing the keys on the piano and the hammer hitting each string to create a totally different sound.  I told him is it vibration and pitch or frequency that is used.  If your brain can pick up on these vibrations you are able to hear a message.  The messages are not always easily understood, the affect of other vibrations occurring at the same time can block out some of the exact thoughts.  Now that I am on the other side I can tell you that is why we try to use pictures in the mediums minds-eye.  Symbols seem to get through the static easier than words do.  It is a kind of short hand that is used.  We do not have timing here but it is certainly a reality in your world.  Sometimes there is a very small window of time where we can communicate most effectively.  Thomas Edison also had an advantage in understanding this since he experienced a great hearing loss as a small child.  Those that cannot hear sound can pick up on the vibrations of sound.  It is an interesting thing that we came from very different points of view and settled on the same truth that was intimately known by us.


Question:  So Jesse, do you know for a fact that Thomas Edison invented the Psycho Phone?


Answer:  Yes I know this for a fact.  By the way he is very pleased that the new version in development now will be named after him. 


Question:  Was this device Trademarked or Patented?


Answer:  No.  Thomas Edison already had the patents on all the components of the device.  It is very similar to his cylinder phonograph.  This work was being done in the latter part of his life.  He did not want to risk ridicule for creating such a device.  He was also concerned about what the ramifications might be if it got into the hands of someone who did not have good intentions.  He recognized how powerful this device could be. 


Question:  Did Thomas Edison complete this project?  Was he able to use this device to contact the other side?


Answer:  He made a few prototypes.  He got some very limited results but not to his standards.  It is not very different from the tape recorder method used today.  Sometimes it works loud and clear, sometimes all you get is static and sometime there is nothing at all.  He wanted the device to be reliable.  There was an issue with electrical discharges that could literally throw a person across the room.  These defects still remained in the device upon his death. 


Final comment from Jesse:

In closing out this session I would like to thank those that care about the past and the work that came before them.  It seems we continue to struggle with the very same issues from one generation to the other.  Although having such a device would be truly amazing there will always be those that must learn the hard way.  Once you cross over you come to realize that much of your life was focused on the wrong things.  Please remember that material possessions do not come with you, but the love and compassion you showed to your fellow travelers will always remain.  Be kind to yourself and everyone around you.  Walk gently and with purpose.




Completed 11:40am


Jesse Shepard via Bonnie Vent

google.com, pub-0240078091788753, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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