June 17, 2013 @ 4:43 PM


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This is Bonnie Vent.  Today’s date is 6/17/2013 We are very close to the 4th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

It has come to my attention that on 06/11/13 the CEO of AEG Live Randy Phillips claimed under oath in Los Angeles Superior court that he was made aware of a session via mediumship that exonerated Dr. Conrad Murray and that Michael had inadvertently killed himself.  My understanding is the judge let these comments stay in court record.  In defense of Michael I feel that I must step forward at this time and reveal information I received via mediumship recorded at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on August 25, 2009.  This is a clip of what Michael had to say about Conrad Murray and what lay ahead.  Keep in mind the date and that the public did not know there would be many high dollars deals made in Michael’s name.  Michael’s comments are truer today than they were at the time with a recent project that includes a hologram instead of Michael himself.  The entire session is about 11 minutes long.  This is just his comments on Dr. Murray.    

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Update:  Via mediumship with Bonnie Vent, Michael Jackson claims he was murdered.  Court testimony from Prince Jackson validates this claim.

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