September 16, 2014 @ 4:51 PM

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What do I need to know now?

Date:  09/16/14 – Time 1:48pm PT

Welcome Dear Ones,

So many important concepts are being exercised in your 3rd dimensional reality.  It has become very confusing for you to know where to go and what to create.  We suggest that you start each day as a new day of creations.  Take a moment to assess where you are on your map of life. 

Please remember that other people will come and go and this is normal for this time.  Do not hold others too tightly and you will handle this energy more effectively.  You are invited to look for new ways and form new ideas that fit the new energy better.  Do not resist the flow, but sidestep a flow that is not going where you wish to go.  Recognize your resistance and make a choice to plot a new course for yourself.