March 1, 2014 @ 4:24 PM


Excerpt from the book "Conversations with the Dead - The Connection"

Bonnie Vent - Conversation with the Dead - The Connection Book Bonnie Vent Headshot

Note:  This is channeled content from medium and researcher Bonnie Vent.


Like many things it's by no means a new topic; just a resurfacing of a topic. It has to do with how one perceives things and the concept of false memories. It has been said that many people experience various sorts of what we here call “anomalous phenomena” due to their own fantasy-proneness, belief systems, and the like. I'm curious to know, since you're sitting from a totally different perspective, first, do you know what I'm talking about, does that exist on your side, that problem, that issue, and second, do you have any sense of what degree that might be happening in our dimension?


The Connection: There are some that are, the term is “awakening”. There is awareness that there is more than just the third dimension that surrounds you.  The people that are experiencing what they consider to be “anomalous” or things that don't fit into the third dimension are truly getting a look-see into the fourth and fifth dimensions. These are things that do actually exist, they are not imaginary. They can be from past, present or future, including very distant past, so you would be seeing something from thousands of years ago into your third dimensional reality. It's really not that it came into the third dimension; it's that you actually stepped slightly into the fourth and fifth dimension. So these are not imaginary things that people are observing. Truly everything is occurring simultaneously. Only in the third dimension, where there is linear time, do you walk a time-line of past, present and future.