March 22, 2014 @ 2:06 PM

Hi Everyone,

Recently Steve Irwin's underwater cameraman did an interview regarding the events of his death.  Meanwhile I seem to be haunted in a good way by a radio interview that I did back in 2008 regarding an after death communication with Steve Irwin. 

Here is my original announcement and a short explanation of why I was going public:

I will be on XZone radio show tonight 09/16/08 to discussing a channeled message I received from Steve Irwin just a few hours after his death.

There has been a lot of recent press regarding a performance by John Edward in AU. There was a lot of upfront publicity that he hoped to receive a message from Steve Irwin.

Ordinarily I keep the messages I receive private for the sake of the family. In this case it appears that a potential message from Steve Irwin was used as a publicity stunt to sell tickets to John Edward's performance.

I find this incredibly disrespectful to the process and those that assist in the delivery of these messages. All of my communications regarding Steve Irwin are documented, date and time stamped, and have been sent to host, Rob Mc Connell. - See more at:

On July 2, 2010 I posted the following comment:

Just thought I would share this. The timing as always is interesting.

My daughter purchased Tori Spelling's new book. In the book she talks about hearing from Farrah Faucet during a session with John Edward. Tori goes on to say that John Edward was very surprised since he had told Tori that he had not spoken to a celebrity on the other side before. This is very interesting to me since John Edward had claimed to have spoken to Steve Irwin and delivered a message to Terri Irwin. Tickets were even sold to a large event at Steve Irwin's zoo in the AU with the promotional material stating to buy a ticket and hear from Steve Irwin via John Edward.

A couple of days ago an interview that I did for the XZone radio show back in 2008 was put into a brand new podcast archive. In this interview I say right up front that I am coming forward because of this publicity stunt to sell tickets. As per my usual I documented everything and sent it to the show host, who does acknowledge this on the air.

Here are a few of the articles that made me so mad that I decided to go public.
Psychic seeks message from Steve Irwin

Here is the article that states that John Edward did make contact.
Terri Irwin touched by spirit of Steve Irwin

I never received a thank you from Terri Irwin, but I was happy to do this task for Steve.
- See more at:

On March 9, 2014 an interview was done in Australia by Steve Irwin's underwater cameraman and friend, but on February 21, 2014 the original XZone radio interview recorded on September 16, 2008 was published on YouTube.  Here is a link to the long version.

I had made a copy and removed the commercials for those who have not heard this interview. 

Here is the interview with Steve Irwin's cameraman and friend.