May 17, 2014 @ 4:38 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of articles posted this week that talk about Michael Jackson "popping" up in assorted ways.  In the more mundane perhaps is an article about technology being used to bring him back to life, and still another is a teenager in the UK snapping a very odd photo.  Real photos of this kind are very rare.  I would have completely discounted it, if I had not been in touch with him at the same time.  I was happily making some mandalas (spirit art) when a Michael Jackson fan popped in on Facebook.  She said that she had seen and liked my work and asked me when I had last heard from Michael.  As I was reading this Michael popped in and asked me to make a mandala for him.  As with all of his requests I complied.  You can get a copy at my Mandala Store.  The watermark will be removed from your copy.

I asked Michael about the spooky photo and he just laughed.  I will leave it up to the fans to tell me what they think of his response. 

I hope you enjoy the high energy of the mandalas.  They are great for the office, especially if you are dealing with stress and negativity. 


Bonnie Vent