July 30, 2012 @ 8:58 AM


Note from Bonnie Vent.  This is another example of the control grid that Michael has been so worried about.  If you peel back the smokescreen it is very clear to see that Katherine and Michael's children are indeed being held captive in the Calabasas mansion.  EVERYTHING is controlled by the estate attorneys.  

This is not a Jackson family feud.  This is the estate atttorneys taking control over Katherine's life and thank God this letter was leaked and is now public information.   

How would anyone in their right mind think that it is normal to bar an 82 year old woman from seeing her children and grandchildren.  

Randy has said that he is afraid for Katherine's life and Michael has said the same thing.  Michael was very alarmed when Katherine and the children were removed from the family home.  Michael always gave money to his Mother to use at her descretion to take care of any family matters.  He expected this to continue.  Katherine and Michael's children as well as other family members were evicted from their family home by the estate attorneys.  TMZ recently referred to Joe Jackson as a squatter when he was seen at the Jackson Family home in Encino. The estate attorneys made it very clear that Katherine has no control over this property, it belongs to the estate. Of course the estate should be focused on the welfare of the family and honoring Michael's wishes.  It really does not matter what opinions the public may hold about Michael's family, what matters is that they be treated the same way that Michael treated them.  They are his family and he loves them.  

I hope and pray that Katherine and the children stay safe.  They are sleeping in the enemy's house.  The following information should make this clear to everyone that the Calabasas mansion is not the family home, it is a very pretty prison and the estate attorneys hold the key.     

HOW and WHY the Michael Jackson Estate Are Bullying His Elderly Mother



ROLAND S. MARTIN EXCLUSIVE: Janet Jackson, Others Family Members Barred From Mom’s California Home

JULY 29, 2012

By Roland S. Martin

The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have barred a number of the late singer’s siblings, including Janet Jackson, from the California home where their mother, Katherine, is raising the late singers three children.

The details of who is and isn’t allowed onto the Calabasas, California is detailed in an email obtained RolandMartinReports.com editor-in-chief, Roland S. Martin.

Howard Weitzman, who represents John McClain and John Branca, sent the email Wednesday to Charles Schultz, an attorney for TJ Jackson.

Weitzman writes that after the drama over the last two weeks, which including allegations that Katherine Jackson had gone missing for 10 days and was unable to reach Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson, which led to her having to share guardianship of the children with another grandchild, TJ Jackson, it is necessary to bar certain family and friends from the property.

“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,” Weitzman wrote.

“There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”

The “letter” Weitzman is referring to is the one signed by Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Tito Jackson, alleging that the 2002 will authorizing Branca and McClain to be the executors of estate is fraudulent. Tito later apologized for signing the letter.

“Of course, Paris, Prince and Blanket, T.J. and his brothers, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and their spouses, current security (hired by the Estate), staff (per T.J.), Meg Lodise, Michael Kane, Sandra Ribera, Parry Sanders, Trent Jackson, you (Charles Shultz) and anyone else authorized by T.J. (other than the Excluded Individuals listed above), may enter and remain on the premises,” Weitzman wrote.

Weitzman’s email does not mention Michael’s sister, LaToya, and whether she can visit the property. She has publicly called on her family to stop the infighting.

According to a Jackson family source, the estate is allowed to make such demands because it pays the monthly lease payment on the Calabasas home. Katherine Jackson controls the $70,000 monthly stipend the estate allocates to each Jackson child – a total of $210,000 – any way she sees fit, including school costs and other expenses.

Katherine Jackson is currently in the process of trying to purchase the home so the estate won’t be able to dictate such terms, the source said.

Weitzman writes that if law enforcement needs to be made of the letter, Schultz, T.J. Jackson or anyone else is authorized to show it to them.

“It is imperative to the Estate that from this point forward a safe and appropriate environment be provided for Michael Jackson’s children and his mother as well,” Weitzman wrote.