July 28, 2012 @ 8:01 PM

He will tell you in his own words how he felt about his family and the never-ending attacks of the press.

Note from Bonnie Vent:

Michael was very strong at the time this interview was recorded. He fought for the truth and was vindicated. Sadly the press cared more about ratings than facts. They ruined his good name, his home, and for many years the ability to do what he loved the most in the United States.

Michael left the United States even after being found not guilty on all charges. The press continued to proclaim him guilty with no regard to the facts, which are still on record with the court. Some people to this day feel that he was guilty. Even with the deck stacked against him, he prevailed in court but he did not prevail over the negative media. He knows all too the well the hatred that is stirred up in people who read and see reports designed with a negative agenda.

Michael respectfully requests that all attacks on his family stop. You do not know the truth. You only know what the press tells you to think. You are being manipulated. Stop and think. Would Michael want his Mother and other family members removed from the family home,or would he expect things to continue on the way it had when he was alive.

Michael was not about money, he was about his art, spreading love and kindness, and helping others. He gave millions to strangers around the world.

There is no family battle for money. The estate attorneys control all the assets. Katherine and Michael's children live in a mansion where the staff and security are controlled by the estate attorneys. They do care about money and nothing else.

Katherine and Joe Jackson are not even allowed at the family home where they have lived since 1969. TMZ referred to Joe Jackson as a squatter. If that were your parents how would you feel? Do you really think that this reflects Michael's wishes?

Today the family is together and supporting concert performances by the remaining Jackson 5 brothers. That is what families do.

They have been in the entertainment industry their entire lives. Not newsworthy other than to inject snarky comments to make it appear differently than the very positive family support that it is.

Michael does not care whether you buy a soda can with his picture, but the estate attorneys and the corporations they partner with do care about separating you from your money.

Michael cares that you carry his message of love and that his music and artistry stays pure. This wish too has been violated. Please just give the family a chance to work through their legal matters without judgments from outsiders who do not know the truth.