July 23, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Katherine Jackson and Michael's children Prince, Paris and Blanket

Katherine Jackson (far right), with Prince, Paris and Blanket

Michael Becker/FOX/PictureGroup



Hi Everyone,

I know personally that Michael has expressed deep concern for the safety of his Mother and his children. This has been ongoing since his death. He refers to it as a control grid.

The letter asking the estate attorneys to resign has been substantiated by more than one Jackson family member. If you read the letter you see that the signers of the letter all feel that Katherine and the children are being controlled. So their feelings and Michael's match.

Katherine and the children live in a home provided by the estate attorneys after being removed from their family home. Michael was very concerned about them leaving the family home and familiar surroundings. The estate attorneys control the family home as well the current home. The staff is also provided by the estate attorneys. So it does make sense to remove Katherine from this environment for her safety before presenting the letter to the estate attorneys.

To be clear there is nothing in the letter about money. The family states that the will is fake. There is plenty of evidence to present to back up this claim.

They want the estate attorneys to resign so the family can appoint new estate attorneys that are working to the best interests of Katherine and the children.

The will has not been upheld in a court of law. Joe Jackson contested the will shortly after Michael's death. Because he is not in the fake will he cannot contest the fake will. No court has reviewed the family's evidence that the will is fake.

The reports of Katherine missing were proven false. We do not know for a fact that Paris sent the tweets. Twitter accounts can be hacked. I do not believe that Katherine would leave the children and not tell them where she was going. The person who filed the missing person's report does have some explaining to do. We really do not know if the children are with Katherine or somewhere else. Tweets may be good enough for the media but not for me. If Paris had appeared on television saying her Grandmother was missing that would be real evidence. This did not happened.

The tabloid media is having a field day. Don't believe everything you hear. This was a very confusing weekend and what appears to be a well planned distraction from the contents of the letter asking the estate attorneys to resign.

I would suggest to those who care about Michael that you not engage in bashing but seek out the truth for yourself.

Bonnie Vent