July 14, 2012 @ 10:26 AM

On July 4, 2012 a very brief public message came through from Michael Jackson.  So few words, but so profound.  

"It is our history to stand up for what is right, to reject oppression, and to be free individuals.  This message is even more true today.  United we are a force that is magical and healing. Choose love."  MJ

I received a lovely email today that perhaps expresses the feelings of many people and certainly embodies the spirit of Michael's recent message.  The author of this email wanted to make sure she was heard.  I am happy to deliver her message to all who come here seeking comfort and truth.

Hi Bonnie,

My name is Shannon, I am currently attending BCIT (college) and plan on pursuing a career in nursing.

I have many passion in life and many goals I want to achieve. I want to make this world a better place and I believe this can happen if we start with ourselves first.

I’m not sure if you will get the chance to read this email but it’s worth a try as I believe that anything is possible once you put your mind and soul into it. I am pouring my heart and soul into this email and I am hoping to find answers and comfort so I can move on in my life and I believe that you are the only person who can make this possible for me. I know you must have a lot on your hands and other priorities so I understand if you will be unable to reply to my email. But I will give it a shot.

For the past few days, almost a week now, I’ve been extremely depressed, sad, lonely and everything you can possibly think of. I’m so hurt and I’m always questioning myself. I'm a Michael Jackson fan and his sudden death has struck me so hard like a knife ever since his passing until now. I just cannot come to terms with his death, although I know it is life and it must go on but I feel that what ever that has happen to him was just so unfair and it hurts me to know that he was hurt emotionally and psychologically.

This past week I’m trying to find ways to comfort myself and try to come to terms with his death and I somehow, through Michael’s spirit and guidance, found your YouTube videos and your website. I believe that Michael knows that I am in pain and somehow directed me to you so he can get through to me. I desperately want Michael to read this email I am about to write. I will be at peace knowing that he will at least be notified of this email, and only you can make this possible for me, Bonnie. Please help me get my life back again.

This is my message to Michael that I want him to know:

My dear beloved Michael,

It’s been three years since you’ve left this world and the day when a part of all of us departed with you as well. You were and are a kind, caring, loving, sweet, humanitarian, intelligent, talented, respectful, and the most amazing person to have ever existed. You were an angel, you were god’s gift for the world to love and cherish by the gift that was instilled with you when you were born. Michael, you were a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out! Your heart and soul is so pure/full of love, hope and inspiration. You always tried to do good for the world, you gave so much to people, you’ve saved lives, you gave love to those who were deprived of it, you accomplished the unthinkable that no man or woman would be ever be able to do for many generations. 

Michael, it pains me SO MUCH to know what you have been through and it’s so heart breaking and unfair to think about it. You were accused of disgusting offenses, there were nasty and  rumors speculating about you that were all FALSE. When I watch your interviews and of you crying, I cannot begin to tell you how heavy and sad my heart and soul feels. I can feel and sense your pain and I relate to you in many ways. You were lonely, misunderstood and only wanted to share a beautiful thing called, love. People have judged you in difficult times because people don’t want to see the truth, they only want to hear the bad things about people which is so wrong. You’ve mentioned that you’ve never had a childhood and how you were abused. I can relate to this because I’ve many times been judged, I’ve experienced an unpleasant and lost childhood, been abused, I am extremely lonely and I don’t show it but inside I am. I am distant towards loved ones and I can’t help it because I feel like they won’t understand me or they would judge me in some way or the other. When I’ve watched videos of you, you are the kind of person whom everybody would LOVE to be around because you are so understanding, non-judgmental, pure and loving. The world needs someone like you so desperately. There is so much pain, suffering and misery in this world but I believe this can all be cured by a thing called, love. The kind of love that you’ve set out for people to experience all over the world. Each and everyday our beautiful planet earth is dying because of destruction, greed and hatred amongst one another. It’s just unbelievably sad. There are no words to describe it. Michael, you have BILLIONS of fans worldwide who love you so dearly from the bottom of their hearts, have supported you and stood by you through your great obstacles in life. We will and always will stand by your side and at your defense until the end of time. We will spread your L.O.V.E. around the world. Your music, your hard work and legacy will love on forever and always and will NEVER go in vain, I swear. You will always live and have a special place in my heart and of course those who love you so dearly. I wish I would’ve gotten to know you personally as the real Michael, show you the love that you deserve and defend you in public.However, I can and will spread the message that you so wanted everybody to spread...and that is, love. The people who have judged you or talked bad about you are ignorant, judgmental and not nice. People will always hate on one another because they have no sense of empathy towards one another, love or understanding. Even god had an enemy and he forgave and love just like you. The saying is true when they say bad things happen to good people but in the end those who did good with receive the great satisfaction in the end. I’m sorry for what has happened to you and I hope you can find some sort of peace and happiness now that you are away from all the pain and suffering that you were enduring all your life.

Your children, Michael, are so beautiful. They are intelligent, bright, well-disciplined, respectful and loving children. They have definitely taken after  their father. I pray and wish them love, peace, comfort, happiness and safety. I wish them a long and healthy life with absolutely no misery or suffering of any kind. I wish them successful and loving lives. Your children will grow up to be such fine young men and woman and I know that you absolutely LOVE your children with all you heart and I know that you are worried about them so deeply and are scared for them. Michael, you watch over them constantly and I believe with prayers and from God’s guidance and protection, that your children will be okay. You have a wonderful, loving and supporting family members who will look after them so nicely. Especially, your dear mother, Katherine.

Everybody loves and misses you Michael. There is not a single day that goes by where you’re not on my mind. I cry and cry so much for you and I know you wouldn’t want me to but I cannot help it. Your fans worldwide think of you and love you desperately. You are and always will the only person to have touched so many lives, from the poor to rich. I pray for your soul and your children. You are a beautiful human being. Always were and always will. Just remember, there are many people who love you and those who judge you will surely one day find out the truth and ask for your forgiveness. We’ve all been judged and I know how it feels. It hurts so much. I know that you are looking down at us amongst a peaceful, bright and warm atmosphere with amazing and influential people like yourself such as, Lady Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Di Leo, Whitney Houston, Thriller the tiger and many, many more. You are surrounded by so much love from both sides and always will. This world needs you Michael, we need your love, we need your pureness, gratitude, and kindness. This world needs a touch of your hands to heal the deepest wounds of those around the world, including myself. There will simply NEVER be another living soul like you. You are an angel who comes once in a decade, you were a gift and as precious as gold. You are alive through you loved ones, fans and in spirit, I can feel it and it’s so beautiful and soothing.

I listen to your music because you live through it and I find love an comfort in them. I feel your presence and connection whenever I am lost.

I just cannot bear the fact that I will have to live on for the next 65 something years knowing you are not physically here, to know that your children are not physically with you and to know that you’ve left some unfinished business here. But I know in my heart that it does not end here and you will come back to finish where you left off. I hope I will be alive to see it all and I desperately hope to meet you personally one day, whether it be in heaven or here on Earth. I wish for us to get to now each other and become great friends. I will always be here for you no matter what. I am not judgmental and  I am a good person. I am truly sorry to hear about the people who have hurt you. I wish we would’ve met as well as all those who love you from the bottom of their hearts. I feel like I’ve known you forever!

What does comfort me though is watching your home videos, especially the ones with you and Culkin. My favorite parts are when you guys all threw a prank at John by throwing pie in his face, you getting pushed into the pool, laughing, having a good time, and Mac always cheating, haha! I’m glad to know that you’ve accomplished something so great and wonderful in your life, to know that you have loved, and enjoyed the time that you did. Please do not worry about those who judge you because we can never completely rid people of their judgmental state of minds. I pity them, they need to find true, inner love, peace and comfort.

I wish you and your beloved family lots of eternal love. Thank you for all that you have done for the world and the people.

I will stop now because I’m sure Bonnie must be getting tired. I know this must be hard for her but I so extremely appreciate her for doing this and god bless her heart for it.

Michael, Take care, rest in peace and we will meet someday, promise?

Love forever and always, not just a fan, but a friend, god bless you, and I love YOU more,


Bonnie, my heart has felt like a million weights have been lifted up. I feel like if Michael reads this his soul and my soul will be happy. I will be too happy for words to know if you got this message to him. I apologize for it being so long. If you do get the chance to read this and connect this email to Michael, I am forever grateful to you, will love and pray for you. You are a wonderful person and I have no doubt in my mind that you will not fail to get this to him.

Thank you for everything my sweet Bonnie.

Love Always & Forever,


Thank you for finding me that missing light in my life again. You made a difference in someone’s life. God bless.